Festival of India in Kenya-Events

‘A Festival of India in Kenya is being organized from October 10 – November 28, 2016.  The Festival will be staged in different cities of Kenya, namely, Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Lamu, Narok and Mombasa.  Following events will be showcased:

      1.  An eight-member Kathak Dance Group led by Dr. Rekha Mehra from 10-12   October, 2016<
      2.    Food Festival from 11-17 October, 2016
      3.  A ten-member Group of Dr. V. Jayarajan, International Centre for Folklore      and Culture from 21-27 October, 2016
      4.    A five-member North East Musical Band of Alobo Naga & The Band from 1-8 November, 2016
      5.    A fifteen-member Gujarati Folk Dance Troupe by North Zone Cultural Centre from 10-16 November, 2016
      6.   A ten-member Qawwali Group of Haji Mohammed Idris and party from 19-22 November, 2016
      7.    An eight-member Bharatnatyam Dance Group led by Ms. Saroja Vaidyanathan from 23-28 November, 2016.
  • National Culture Fund
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  • http://www.incredibleindia.org/
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