Festival of India in Nepal

A Festival of India is being organized in Nepal from February 4 –March 23, 2019. The Festival will showcase diverse Indian culture, i.e. classical, folk and contemporary dance, music, theatre, seminar, speeches and Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi. Following events will be showcased:

  1. Contemporary Dance by Sumit Roy group from 4-9 February 2019..
  2. Instrumental Music (Mrindagam) group by Pandit Prof Yella Venkateshawra Rao (Padmashri)from 22 February 2019
  3. Punjabi Folk Dance Group by North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala from – 26-28 February 2019.
  4. Theatre (Dance Drama) by Su-Samannaya of Gopal Datta from 6 March, 2019..
  5. Kathakali Dance by Dr. Haripriya Nambudiri group from 11 March, 2019.
  6. Maithili Song and Dance by Prangan Group organised by Eastern Zone Cultural Centre, Kolkata from 18-21 March, 2019.
  7. Seminar “Sanskrit: a common treasure for India and Nepal” by Sahitya Akademi from 20-22 March 2019.
  8. Photo Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi from 7-13 March 2019
  9. Inter-School Speeches/debate competitions on Mahatma Gandhi by the Mission from 15 March 2019