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Sanskriti is a Mobile App to view cultural events of India. The main categories of events that can be viewed are Music, Theatre, Dance, Exhibitions, Film Shows, Literature, Lectures and Programs for children.
  • This Application provides updates on the Events organized under Ministry of Culture, Government of India.
  • It gives the list of events and automatically detects current location of the mobile and the city is selected accordingly. User can also select city of his choice and see the listings.
  • User can also search the events by Venue, Date or Location.
  • There are 9 categories in the App i.e Music, Dance, Theatre, Exhibition, Film Shows, Children, Literature, Lectures and Others. There are number of sub categories in all categories.
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Software(APK) last updated on: October 10, 2014

Sanskriti App can be downloaded from

  • National Culture Fund